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Thats's Where We Come In


The question is, do you want to stay small?

There is nothing wrong with being a small business. However, did you go all-in on your dream for it to remain small or is something holding you back from taking the leap to the next level?

I get it.  Growing and scaling your business can be challenging. You wanted to bring your dream to the world.  You did not want to be distracted from you passion with the operational headaches that come with scaling your brand.

Tasks like: creating formal procedures, process documentation, and the inevitable audits that come with any industry regulation is enough to prevent anyone from wanting to scale.

I get it! I’ve been there, and I can help you! 

As a former U.S. Army Interrogator, I've served with the most elite military units all over the world.  I perfected my craft by learning to adapt to high stress environments and of course…asking the tough questions. 

Perfecting my craft led me to become an instructor, developing others across large organizations by replicating my process.  

I transitioned into corporate America and immediately put my new operations skills to work.  I developed multinational organizations across various industries. I reinforced my passion for: teams, processes, industry standards, organizational strategy, and continuous process improvement.

While I helped corporations grow, something was missing. I saw small businesses struggling with the same problems we solved day in and day out.

The skills, certifications, and techniques I used in corporate America belong with you.

Becoming a giant in your industry shouldn't be hard.

Instead of wasting your time on classes and consultants that never seem to help, what if there was a better way?

When I couldn't find a better way I built it.  I did it by asking the hard questions, then taking action.

R2 Strategies Group is that better way.

I help turn your business into the industry giant you dreamed it could be. Through customized tools and techniques to improve your processes, procedures, strategies, and operations.

I will give you the tools, strategy, and support to grow and lead your industry without all the stress.


So stop dreaming of being a giant and become one!

Get Started

How We Do It 

We keep it simple because you deserve simplicity. 


We start with a customized assessment of where you are as a business. 10 years of combat experience and 10 years of developing businesses have taught us that sometimes stepping back is the only way to move forward.


Once we regroup, then we will start systematically building systems, creating processes, and training you and your team. It is important to build in a way that is easy to complete and creates a structure you can sustain, because become the giant you are shouldn't be stressful.


Once you go from small business to giant, we want to be here to support you wheteer training, speaking engagements, workshops, or even helping you regroup and reengage to become even larger.

We are here to help. 

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